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What if someone I know see me on this website? grtz Martina
Dear Martina. To start.... If they see you online, they like the same as what you like... Cause they are on the same website. The studio has several tools to make sure your privacy is maximum secured! For example we do not use personal details like name, address and city. We develop an online personality which you like and we can restrict the country where you are visible and ban visitors. This and many other options from our 10 year experience give you a comfortable feeling to go online and do what you like and even make money while your doing it! 
V: Next month I will be 18. Can I already start work?
Hi V. You are early! :D It takes one meeting for the interview and a photoshoot/contract day to make you start work. So I would love to invite you to the studio to take your wish to the next step! Please use the link
My girlfriend earns 2000$ and she says has many friends online that take her to private. When I tried at home I do not have any people (that come back). Can you help me?
It will take you about 2/3 months to become a professional model. (if you got what it takes!) When you are online it works like a Youtube channel. You have some viewers but no subscribers. The longer you are online the more people and friends you make that will return. You will need a good studio to do this on a professional level. Tiptop Studio has a training program for you to develope your online personality, your show and everything that you need to entertain. High end computer equipment, luxureous performer room, right software and camera.  Please use the following link to get invited and see for yourself, what we do!
Alina: For me the main reason to work is money. But I always liked to Skype with my friends and especially my boyfriend;). Does this help me ?
Dear Alina, it helps you, when you like to see and be seen on camera. We call this comfort zone and you can use this for your benefit. However, as a model, you are an entertainer. And you only need to make the switch to know what is your good for your earnings.
I understand live chat is legal. But how about the documents I need to work? Monica.
We only need a valid ID. So we know we are working with a real person! :)
Michaela: My english is very basic. But I love to be beautiful and learn english on video chat. Do you think I can work?
Good question Michaela. We think you can! Live chat in basic has two points to make money. Communication and/or showing. If you feel beautiful and you want to learn English, you have the best combination possible!
Alena: I read you are looking for models between 18 and 35 years. I am 36 but I look much younger. Can I still come in for an interview?
Hi Alena, we have our standard age on 18/35 as you have seen. However we encourage you to use the apply button and ask for an interview. We see models as individuals and will give you an objective answer after the interview!
Alisa: I am working at the studio but I have exams soon and I need more free time to study.
We understand, if you are studying, you need to pass your exams. We offer work for 5, 4, or 3 days per week. If you need a holiday, you can request this before the month starts. There is enough options to keep on going with your diploma!
How many hours do I have to work per shift? Petra.
We start with 8 hours working shift. You will need the hours to search for the right friends online. After hard work starts delivering serious money, there is an option to choose from 8,7 or 6 hours per shift.
Nastya: What percent commission is charged to salary? Other studios are 40%/50%. If you make $ 1,000?
Dear Nastya, In average the commission is 50%, In the studio we work from 45% commission, till up to 60%! + vouchers and bonuses for good work. Have a good day!
Ally: Why is adult category making more money then non-adult?
Hello Ally, simply because you have more options to work with in the adult category. There are many people online searching for what they are interested in. The more you enjoy, or willing to talk and/or show, the more chance you will get to catch someone who likes it. 
Silvie: Can I go online with someone else?
Good question Silvie, there are accounts possible for a single girl, guy and 2+ people. Tiptop Studio works only with girls accounts. Simply because this has the biggest demand online. 
Lisa: Why are there no guys working in the studio?
There are no guy models working in the studio, Lisa. We only work with girls in a feminine and professional atmosphere. Making sure that we respect the integrity. 
I read the conditions for employment and I have a question about how beautyfull I must be. Is it 60/90/60?  I actually want to know how I can make money. Grtz 'Just-a-girl'
We cooperate with several biggest webcam sites, but we don’t work with 10-20 sites at the same time. Our models work maximum with two platforms, which have proven themselves by highest amount of members and many years of experience. We are sure, that a model can provide the best quality of her performing services, when she doesn’t spread her attention onto many windows on a computer screen and concentrates 100% on the site she likes the most. Being a top model on one platform will bring more earnings, then performing on 20 sites and being so-so model everywhere.
B: What are webcam platforms?
The webcam platforms are websites and they make sure, you have a beautiful site with a lot of visitors which would love to see you.The studio makes sure the models are trained, have professional accounts with photos and intro video. And make sure the quality is maximised with special light and equipment.Webcam platforms are the partner of the studio with special agreement. We work one on one to give the visitor the best experience. Online modelling is all about working on these platforms. They have different categories which models can choose from.

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