What is Live Chat?

Live chat means working online with you as the main subject. People are always looking for their interests, also on the internet. Working in live chat in this time requires HD camera, designed interior room, and lots of practise & coaching. You will not only learn about yourself (who you are, good/weak points) but you will also learn about people, chemistry, communication, how you look and you will improve you appearance
The model’s goal is to give their members and admirers, what they are looking for in the online world. Of course they both (members and models) should understand that everything they are doing is virtual. They will never meet in real life, never will walk hand to hand under the moon and never will spend a exciting evening in front the fireplace. But it is all virtually possible in the live video streaming.

What makes a successful model?

self knowledge




daily talks

english skills

being personal


you are in the middle

What our employees are saying about us

Yulia G.

I was hoping to get cool works. After the 15 minutes they asked me if I could work for them. They can see this in a few minutes. This was one year ago.

Kateryna B.

With no experience, sexy clothes and makeup I asked for work. Since then I never want to look back to my old life. I like my choice and feel alive!

Сould I become model?

Working on live chats as a model is addressed to young women who needs the right start in their way to adulthood. This job in Tiptop Studio is mainly seen by young women who live in or around Prague, can not find a stable job, have not yet find the way to afford a decent living or looking to combine work with pleasure. Women with experience in the entertainment business or live chat are also welcome to extend their career at the studio. Tiptop Studio accepts young women between 18 and 35 years. Flexible hours for part-time or full-time.

Basicly young women need to support themselves, to continue their studies, have to pay their monthly costs and, why not, afford themselves beautiful clothes, jewelry and a nice phone.

To see if you like live chat you have one month trial period. In this period you can always decide to stop directly. Although it’s called 'the perfect job’ because of the multiple benefits, there is a time when you want to make a new choice in work. A new working environment, no possibility to adapt the works and demands, not to find yourself, or simply want to quit. Working in the studio can be easily done with two weeks workout period (exceptions can be made).