Benefits of working with us

Top live chat platforms

You work maximum with two platforms, which will has the best results for you! We work with the biggest or the best live chat sites. We don’t work with 10-20 sites at the same time. Being a good or top model on one platform will bring more earnings, then performing on 20 sites and being so-so model everywhere. Which platform and how to make it the best for you….. This will be managed by our admins the first month.

Technical support 24/7

You are a (potential) live chat model. We already have people that have techincal skills. So we have it all setup for you. High end computers With HD camcorders, all needed software which are supported by our technical people. Any troubles with connection or hardware? Tiptop Support has direct contacts with all the platforms. And solve all the technical issues!

Luxury and comfortable performing rooms

We have individually designed rooms for models. They were made with the goal to give you all opportunities to build the best cam shows and attract more and more members. And most of all feel comfortable. Our cleaners will have your room ready and cleaned the moment your shift starts.

Advertising and promotion

If you are successful online you have the option to add extra advertising and promotion. This includes your own website, social media and extra photoshoots. Here the goal is to become a real online star. Our admins will take care of the setup. You take care of the part of being creative, beautiful and talkative in your online model career!

High end equipment

Don’t you just want to be beautifull? We take care of the rest. In our studio we have newest computers, huge screens, HD cameras with remote controls, professional lightening. Technology is developing all the time. And that gives the best opportunities for web cam business, which are happily used by us.

Best human quality

This is an important fact in the studio. We choose models who we want to work with. That same is for: managers, webmasters, trainers, photographers and even a cleaning lady – they all are Tiptop people! When we hire a model we consider the human quality. She doesn’t necessarily need to be a supermodel in order to work in our company, but she has to be a decent girl with common specification. For all of us the models are equal, no matter how much they earn.

Quality coaching

We start training from the first shift. Beginning with using the technical setup and how to behave as a model online. Next to this we are making a free photo shoot, which already gives her the feeling as a real model, and regularly updating portfolio with photo and video content, which is sexy but not nude. Our Tiptop trainer will be personally involved with model’s progression. The first five shift we take is a consideration as a tryout period. Model is able to get to know the studio, the team and most important to know if this job suits her. Our professional trainer will share all the secrets how to be successful and become a Tiptop model.

What our employees are saying about us


I tried to work from home. But after asking them for help they offered me to try in the studio. I never expected it is such a big difference in making money. Thank you Tiptop!!

Monicka Var.

The studio has it all. And I did not have a computer and nice room to work. Now working here and all the coaching, tips and tricks I have the feeling sky is the limit :D:D